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Wynn Dealers' Lawsuit

This lawsuit was brought by our office for the Las Vegas Wynn Casino dealers to stop the taking of their tips by management.  The dealers allege that they are being forced to share their tips with management employees who do not customarily receive tips, in violation of federal law.

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We currently have class action lawsuits pending against the following Nevada taxicab companies:

  • A Cab       
  • Western Cab

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Sapphire Lawsuit

It is the opinion of Attorney Leon Greenberg that a proposed class-action minimum wage lawsuit settlement for dancers who worked at Sapphire Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas after 2014 is unfair to the dancers, and should be changed to require Sapphire to make a more substantial payment to the dancers. He is interested in hearing from Sapphire dancers who are class members and who may be willing to serve as "Objectors" to that proposed minimum wage settlement.

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  • Reno Taxi
  • Capital Cab

Venetian Banquet Servers' Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges banquet service (hospitality) workers did not receive their full share of the "service" or "gratuity" charges, typically around 20% of a banquet function bill, that was charged to customers.  Instead, the Venetian distributed some of that money to non-tipped managers or kept it for itself.

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