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Venetian Banquet Servers Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges banquet service workers did not receive their full share of the "service" or "gratuity" charges, typically around 20% of a banquet food and beverage bill, that was charged to customers. This lawsuit claims those service charges were understood by the customers to be for the workers actually serving the food and beverages to the customer. It is also claims that those customers, understanding that a "gratuity was included" in their payment, did not give the banquet workers serving them the customary tip that servers and bartenders receive.

This lawsuit further claims that instead of distributing all of the service charges to the workers who were serving the food and beverages, the Venetian kept some of that money for itself or gave it to managers. Such alleged conduct by the Venetian, if proven to be true, is claimed to have been illegal because such service charges should have been paid 100% to the workers actually serving the food and beverages upon which the charges were imposed.

Substantial amounts of unpaid service charges may be owed to Venetian workers.

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