Our law firm has been representing working people for over 28 years.   Over the course of the past two decades, Leon Greenberg and his staff have recovered millions of dollars in unpaid wages and compensation owed to thousands of hardworking men and women all across the country.  Leon Greenberg and his staff have successfully recovered amounts ranging from less than $1,000 to over $250,000 on behalf of individual workers. In class action lawsuits, where large groups of workers are represented in a single case, Leon Greenberg either alone, or with the assistance of co-counsel, has recovered class action settlements for payments of as much as $40,000,000 . 

We are the only law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada dedicating 100% of our employment law practice exclusively to representing workers seeking to recover lost wages from their employers.  Unlike some other lawyers, we are not pursuing unpaid wage cases as another way to make money instead of handling accident cases.  Lawsuits for money owed to workers is all we do !

When hiring a lawyer, do not be taken in by hype, promises, and slogans.  And do not hire us based upon what we say in this website but based upon how we actually perform for our clients in court.  You can see for yourself how we fight hard for our clients by visiting our YouTube Channel  or by checking out some of our below YouTube videos. 

What Separates Us From The Rest?

Taxi Driver Lawsuit Results in Judgment for More Than $1 Million Dollars

  • In August of 2018, the Eighth Judicial District Court in Clark County, Nevada, entered a judgment in favor of nearly 900 current and former taxicab drivers employed by A Cab, LLC in Las Vegas Nevada in an amount in excess of $1 million dollars.  This was a hard-fought case that was litigated for nearly six years.  A Cab has appealed the judgment and our office will continue to fight on behalf of the nearly 900 taxicab drivers that were found to be owed unpaid minimum wages.

AOL Community Leaders Volunteers Litigation

  • Hallissey v. America Online, United States District Court, Southern District of New York - This highly unusual case involved the use of unpaid volunteers by America Online to run AOL’s websites and chat rooms. Despite closely regimenting and controlling the work of these volunteers, and selling their services to their customers, AOL failed to pay even the minimum hourly wage to such persons. Shortly after this lawsuit was filed, AOL radically changed, and then eliminated, its volunteer program. A class action settlement by AOL valued at $15,000,000 was approved and paid in 2010. That settlement resulted in cash payments to thousands of former AOL volunteers or community leaders. This case demonstrates how agreements to volunteer or perform free labor for profit making businesses violate the minimum wage law. You cannot agree to work for a private, profit-making business for free, or for less than the minimum wage, or without overtime pay if you are entitled to overtime pay.   The AOL case was the subject of a FORBES ASAP magazine cover story.  Leon Greenberg was also interviewed by the New York Times for this highly unique case concerning whether an employer can avoid minimum wage laws by calling its workers "volunteers."

Timeshare Sales People

  • Our office has successfully resolved several class action lawsuits involving claims for unpaid overtime wages, minimum wages, and commissions owed to time share salespersons. Unlike many salespersons, time share salespersons are typically entitled to overtime pay even though they may otherwise be paid solely by commissions.

Slot Parlor Bartenders

  • In 2016, our office successfully, in collaboration with other local attorneys, resolved a class action lawsuit against a prominent Nevada chain of slot machine parlors for failure to pay proper minimum wages to its bartenders/slot attendants.  This lawsuit resulted in a very favorable settlement worth over $2.3 million and involving payments to over 700 class members. 

Restaurant and Food Service Workers

  • Our office has successfully resolved both class and individual claims for numerous restaurant and food service workers. Such claims have involved unpaid overtime, minimum wages, tips or service charges. Some of such claims have involved “cash off the books” employment situations.

Telephone Call Center Workers Litigation

  • Our office has successfully resolved a class action lawsuit for certain telephone call center workers who were required to spend uncompensated time logging into their work computer systems. This sort of required “off the clock” work, which could be as little as ten minutes a day or less, is quite common in certain industries. Failing to compensate workers for such time can be a violation of both state and federal law.

Construction Workers

  • Our office has successfully resolved claims for a large number of construction workers owed unpaid prevailing wages or overtime wages. Some of such prevailing wage claims have involved the “misclassification” of experienced workers in a particular trade as members of a lower paid trade or as lower paid apprentices.

About.com Guide Contract Litigation

  • Levinson v. Primedia, United States District Court, Southern District of New York – This case involved Internet Guides who were responsible for maintaining websites and communities in the About.com system of websites. In exchange for doing so they were to receive a specified percentage of the advertising revenue generated by the websites they Guided for About.com. It was alleged defendants failed to pay the promised share of advertising revenue to the Guides.  After years of hard-fought litigation, in September of 2010 the Defendants agreed to a settlement payment of $5,750,000 to settle the claims of over one thousand Internet Guides. The settlement was approved by the court in October of 2010.

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