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Wynn Dealers' Lawsuit for Unlawful Sharing of Tips

In January 2013, our law firm filed a lawsuit under the Fair Labor Standards Act (the “FLSA”- a federal law) against the Wynn Casino regarding the Wynn Casino's practice of requiring its table games dealers to share their tips with their supervisors and management.  This lawsuit was filed as a result of newly issued regulations by the United States Department of Labor concerning how employers can regulate the sharing of tips by tipped workers with employees, such as managers, who are not customarily tipped. 

Claims made under this law may be limited to as little as two years, meaning a worker who wishes to assert such claim must do so within two years of having been forced to share his/her tips. 

You can find much more detailed information on our website dedicated to our lawsuit against the Wynn.  Please visit our WYNN DEALERS' LAWSUIT WEBSITE to learn how we are fighting for the Wynn dealers to recover thousands of dollars in tips that were taken from them. 

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